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U-TX develops vertically-integrated hardware and software products.
During natural disasters and emergences the effectiveness of response is based on the speed communication can be resorted.
U-TX ‘s MyNET™ allows first responders to create an adhoc network for government agencies involved with disaster relief to communicate immediately and effectively.
The MyNet™  “My Network” is a scalable solution from the size of a man-portable case to purpose built vehicles or shelters which allow temporary networks to be established anywhere for communication between first responders or with victims.
The MyNET™ solution can also be expanded to backhaul communications over any IP link for communications between the field and HQ or via its own gateway to landlines (PSTN/ISDN/E1)

System characteristics:
    Rapid Deployment
    User Friendly
Secure Site  
Cell phone use within rooms or buildings where commercially sensitive information or meetings are held is a major problem for both enterprise and government offices around the world.

U-TX Secure Site solution can selectively deny cellular service for all phones within a room or building whilst enabling normal operation for authorised staff. The system capabilities can also be extend to identification, internal communication and location of your staff within the building or facility.
The Sentry is application used to help ensure the optimum performance of the MyNET™ and Secure Site systems. This is achieved by automatic periodic clearing of log files, optimizing the database, upgrading various database tables and running other automated maintenance tasks.
The above tasks can be achieved with minimal or no user interaction. The user is informed about performed maintenance tasks and current health and system status.

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